Fri 07 Feb 2014

Washboards, Frosted Tips and Phish - we discuss our embarassing musical pasts

In need of some Friday afternoon comic relief? Head over to SquareZeros and listen to us talk to our good friends from Sunset Guns about our embarassing musical pasts. Features: frosted tips, washboards and a Phish obsession.
Thu 21 Nov 2013

Charlottesville, here we come! Dec 14th!

We're proud to annouce that we'll be returning to Charlottesville and one of our favorite venues the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar on Dec 14th. We will be joined by our good buddies and local heroes, Borrowed Beams of Light, capping off our 3-day weekend... Read More
Thu 14 Nov 2013

Typefighter loves America, and especially you, NYC! Thanks for a great time last week.

And a special thanks to Sunset Guns and Heeney for rocking so hard with us! Photo courtesy of Jon Mann.
Fri 01 Nov 2013

1,000! "Much" appreciated, y'all!

Tue 29 Oct 2013

Sorry ladies, he's taken.

Congrats to our very own Ryan McLaughlin and Michelle Capuno on their wedding!

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